Frequently Asked Questions

Hajj is an exciting opporutnity of a lifetime. We understand that you will have many questions in regards to fullfilling this obligation.

Passports have to be valid for 6 months from date of departure irrespective of nationality. All Passports have to have a readable chip.
Green card should be valid until the date of return. The original green card may be requested by the Embassy.
Your meningitis documentation must be stamped and signed by a certified medical physcian/institute.
If you are located in the DMV area. We recommend the follow vaccination centers:

Access Med Care
Dr. Abdul Munim
Tel: 1-301-642-7957

Dr. Jawaid
Tel: 410-736-3166

Travel Clinic
Tel: 703-313-50560

Falls Church
Dr. Awan
7115 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA
Tel: 703-522-8840

Please bring the following:

Small sleeping bag
Medicine Antibiotics etc...
Snacks for muzdalifa can be taken from here or bought from there
All baggage should have wheels
Ehram and accessories if traveling to Makkah first.
Collapsible water bottle
Air pillow
Small first aid kit
Money belt
Positive attitude
A suitcase full of patience

Do not bring the following:

Expensive jewelery, watches, electronic equipment should be left at home.
Excess luggage
Extra large luggage for Mina, a small rucksack on wheels will suffice.
Sacrifice is done by our representatives and are monitored throughout the process.
If you have bought a quad package, then men and women will be separated except if the men and women are four in count of the same family and also mehram to each other. If they are not mehram to each other then they are not allowed to sleep in the same room nor will the request be entertained.
$1,000 per family for food and snacks not included in the during meal times, and any other personal expenses.
Call the agency and see if a double room is available. Room changes are subject to availability.
If you want to cancel your package, the deposit is non-refundable with exception to sickness that prohibits travel or death.
  • Completed Visa Application Form
  • Valid Passport with Expiry Date of a Minimum of 6 Months After Departure
  • Green Card Copy (Original Maybe Requested)
  • 2 Passport Photographs
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Birth Certificate for Children Under 18
  • Meningitis Stamped and Signed by Medical Clinic/Doctor
  • Hotel Bookings for the Entire Journey
  • Confirmed Airline Ticket
Check out our guide to performing umrah here
From a miqaat.
If you are traveling with the intention of umrah from the US to Saudi and are traveling to Makkah first, you should put on your ihraam from the miqaat. Saudi Airlines will announce the miqaat on the flight. If you want to sleep or are unsure of when to enter ihraam, put on the ihraam when you are passing Egypt by looking at the flight map. If you pass the miqaat without ihraam, you will be liable for a damm (sacrifice).
If you don’t want your child to be immunized, please bring a signed/stamped letter from your physician stating that you would like your child to travel without the recommended immunizations for the intended country. The parents will then take full liability.